You're not alone and it can get better!

MOR Recovery Camp: A Jumpstart to Creating "It Gets Better"

(MOR = "mixed orientation relationship")


Here Are All the Quick Details for MOR Recovery Camp:

(MOR = "mixed orientation relationship")

  • When is it? July 21 through July 27, 2019 Camp will not be offered again until after the next semester of MOR Recovery School (Sept. 9-Nov. 3). Exact start date TBA. 
  • Where is it? Online in our own private Facebook group
  • Who's offering it? Created and run by Aideen T. Finnola, straight spouse, professionally trained life coach, author of My Exquisite Purple Life, host of In Pursuit of Truth Radio show, and international public speaker.
  • Why should I be there? Because it's about damn time for you to jumpstart your journey to "it gets better" and you deserve for "it to get better"!
  • What's it all about? A one week introduction to the transformative curriculum of MOR Recovery School. A sampling of all the exercises, tools, and support from MOR Recovery School. Full details below.

Best MOR (mixed orientation relationship) recovery strategies from more than a decade of personal MOR recovery and 5+ years of working with clients who are recovering from a mixed orientation relationship.

When you understand the MOR (mixed orientation reationship) recovery journey, you unlock unlimited growth potential for reclaiming your life!

Since the beginning of 2013, I have been helping straight spouses to heal from mixed orientation relationships. I began as a facilitator for my local SSN group, went on to get my professional life coach training and coach straight spouses, have spoken about the MOR experience at events and retreats, and published my memoir detailing my own MOR recovery journey. I've been there; I understand; I get it and I've got you!

In MOR Recovery Camp, I'll be sharing a sampling of the tools, teachings, and techniques that I have found to be most effective. See you there!

~Aideen T. Finnola - life coach, author, radio show host, public speaker


During This Week Long Camp Experience, You Will Learn:

  • Day One - Sacred Practice: The MOR experience Bleeds. You. Dry! Over the course of your relationship with your closeted LGBTQ spouse, you have compromised, done without, ignored your intuition, neglected your self-care, and disconnected from your sacred authentic self. On this day, you will begin to heal this wound, this imbalance, through creating a sacred practice - a practice unique to you that secures you against violation. 

  • Day Two - Bleed it Out: The MOR experience is mindblowing and Not. In. A. Good. Way! You have to first know where you've been before you can know where you want to go. An important first step in the MOR recovery journey is to bleed out all the gory and shocking details of your MOR experience. This will be the day for you to bitch to your heart's content and bleed it all out so that you are ready to leave it behind and move forward with healing.

  • Day Three - Inner Critic: The MOR experience Beats. You. Down! A universal hallmark of the straight spouse experience is feeling like you're not good enough and that you are what's wrong. That unspoken or spoken criticism becomes very hurtful amunition that your Inner Critic uses against you. What would your life be like without the constant criticism from your Inner Critic? Who would you be without the relentless abuse from your Inner Critic? On this second day, you will begin to learn how to arm yourself with knowledge and empowerment to put your Inner Critic in its place!

  • Day Four - Your MOR Story: The MOR experience is Completely. Life. Altering! In the aftermath of your MOR, it is difficult to remember who you are and what your life is without your MOR. You can't change the facts of your MOR experience, but you can change how you view it and the story you tell about it. Who would you be without your MOR story? On this day, you will begin to discover that you do have an empowered identity, a beautiful life, and a brand new story after and beyond your MOR! 

  • Day Five - Adult Relationships: The MOR experience reinforces Dysfunctional. Relationship. Skills! The hallmark of a mixed orientation relationship, to one degree or another, is deception and misinformation. Any relationship that has built-in deception and misinformation creates dysfunction and violates boundaries. How do you create normal, healthy relationships with other adults when the relationship skills you practiced (out of necessity) for years in your MOR were so unhealthy? On this fifth day, you will begin to learn the fundamentals of healthy adult relationships, starting with powerful boundaries!

  • Day Six - Romantic Relationships: The MOR experience reinforces Dysfunctional. Romantic. Relationship. Skills! When the dust from your MOR settles, it can be very scary to think about a new romantic relationship. How can you trust again, trust yourself and trust another man/woman? How do you create normal, healthy romantic relationships with another normal healthy man/woman when the romantic relationship skills you practiced (out of necessity) for years in your MOR were so unhealthy? On this sixth day, you will begin to learn the fundamentals of healthy romantic relationships, starting with powerful self-love!

  • Day Seven - Launch Yourself: The MOR experience is Not. The. End! When D-Day hits, it feels like the end, but it's not the end; it does get better! You, your life, and your future are full of potential and possibility! On this final day, you will begin to create a dazzling vision for your future and set a goal for yourself, any goal you want, a goal that is so big, it requires you to change! And you will begin to securely launch yourself smack dab into the middle of "it gets better"!

WARNING: Space is limited and will fill quickly! Don't delay when registration opens up!

MOR Recovery Camp is a VALUE PACKED experience! Here's what you'll get:

  • Daily lectures on the seven topics from the MOR Recovery School curriculum ($135 value): Each topic is so rich and provides limitless potential for your healing! I will go live in our Facebook group every day to give a brief lecture on the topic of the day. I'll teach a summary of the topic and answer any questions you have. Every day, I'll give you a challenge to post in our Facebook group to add to the fun!

  • Seven (7) signature exercises from the MOR Recovery School workbook ($30 value): The curriculum I created for MOR Recovery School is tailor-made to support your healing journey in recovering from a mixed orientation relationship. Each day we will explore one of the seven subjects covered in the full semester of MOR Recovery School. You will get to try one of the five exercises included in each week of the MOR Recovery School workbook. These powerful and practical exercises are guaranteed to jumpstart you on your way to "it gets better."

  • One (1) half-hour individual coaching session ($85 value): To support your personal transformation, you will get one half-hour one-to-one coaching session with me over the phone. My coaching is highly intuitive and powerfully transformative! I am a straight spouse; I was in a mixed orientation marriage for twenty years; I understand and I'm here for you! You can share anything, ask anything, and get the individualized attention and support you need to jumpstart your MOR recovery journey!

  • Private Facebook group exclusively for MOR Recovery Camp campers: This will be your place to dialogue about the topic of the day, post your progress with the exercises, celebrate your victories and "Aha!" moments, ask questions, seek support, build community with other campers, etc. I will be active with posts and comments throughout the week to support you every step of the way!

  • A chance to win a spot in the fall semester of MOR Recovery School ($2,500 value): OMG . . . what?!? Yes, you read that right! Every camper who participates in the daily challenge and posts in the Facebook group will be included in a drawing at the end of camp for a full-ride scholarship to MOR Recovery School! Seriously, what could be better than that?!?

Here's what Grads of MOR Recovery School are saying: 

  • "Before enrolling in MOR Recovery School, I was stuck . . . completely stuck! My healing and recovery had been stalled for over a year. After going through MOR Recovery School, I felt completely unstuck! The course work was exactly what I needed to get unstuck and propell myself forward!"

  • "MOR Recovery School is the gift that keeps on giving! Long after school was over, I kept returning to the exercises and the tools that I had learned and kept discovering deeper levels of healing and recovery! I have zero regrets about the money I invested in MOR Recovery School! I'm so happy that I invested in myself for a change!"

  • "The one-on-one coaching with Aidy was amazing! For a straight spouse, nothing beats getting professional support from a coach who has also been in a mixed orientation marriage; she really, really, gets it! I didn't have to waste time trying to explain my situation or my experience. She intuitively knew every nuance of the wounds I still carried from being married to a closeted gay man and she had the wisdom to guide me to heal myself." 

  • "Who knew that healing and recovery could be so fun?!? I enrolled in MOR Recovery School because I was serious about healing my wounds/triggers and moving my life forward after divorcing my lesbian wife but I had no idea how much I would enjoy it! The exercises that Aidy created were not only powerful, but they were also clever and fun! I came to School for the education and stayed for the fun!"

WARNING: Space is limited and will fill quickly! Don't delay when registration opens up!

MOR Recovery Camp Investment Breakdown:

  • Total Value: $250
  • Your price: $98
  • Priority registration opens on Monday, July 8th (general registration opens Wednesday, July 10th)
  • Early Bird Registration Bonus (May 23-26): complimentary download of my signature audio program Reclaiming Your Mind, One Practical Step at a Time ($80 value)

Registration is non-refundable. If this program does not fully resonate with you, please do not commit to it.

I am ready to have fun and heal shit! Please email me when priority registration for MOR Recovery Camp opens up!*

*Camp will not be offered again until after the next semester of MOR Recovery School (Sept. 9-Nov. 3). Exact start date TBA.